Engineered Spectrum and Lab Tested

At Veralife, our goal is to create CBD products unlike any other. That’s why we’ve gone beyond the traditional CBD products and have created our own Engineered Spectrum CBD line of products.

Our Engineered Spectrum CBD line is a combination of ultra high-quality CBD, essential oils and carrier oils. Our test lab partners originated in the pharmaceutical beta test industry. You can rest assured our standards are unsurpassed.


  • We lab-test every input product prior to formulation for potency, microbial, pesticides, heavy metals and residual solvents.
  • Based on scientific studies, we then engineer our formulations to specific needs.
  • We perform the same test standard during the R&D and formulation process.
  • We then engineer batch production and perform batch test standards.
  • After packaging is completed, we do one last test for any potential cross contamination, by selecting random samples from the batch.
  • At this point, a Certificate Of Analysis is created and available upon request.

This is how we ensure our CBD products are not only pure, potent, and effective, but also clean and safe for use. Our CBD products bring a wide variety of benefits that go beyond the benefits of CBD and essential oils on their own to create something truly unique. There’s simply no other CBD products like it in the world!

All products are lab tested for purity and consistency by California Ag Labs.


Location of CB1 Receptors in the Brain and Physiological Effects

  • Hippocampus: Learning, memory, stress related to memories
  • Hypothalamus: Appetite
  • Cerebellum: Motor coordination
  • Limbic system: Anxiety
  • Cerebral cortex: Pain, higher cognitive function
  • Nucleus accumbens: Reward and addiction
  • Basal ganglia: Sleep and movement
  • Medulla: Nausea and vomiting