CBD is used worldwide in holistic healing therapies as an alternative to traditional medicine. Veralife is a one of a kind integrative therapy company that uses cannabidiol (CBD) as the main active ingredient for its products.

Within Veralife, western and eastern medical practices gracefully align to create an experience for those eager to partake in natural healing methods. Along with product manufacturing, Veralife specializes in providing educational resources regarding its products, their uses, and their potential health benefits to customers and patients.

Using current evidence from modern medical studies and previous evidence from traditional eastern healing, Veralife has created its unique business model. The Veralife healing model was created to affordably bring the hidden benefits of CBD to those who may not want the psychoactive effects of THC and to those who may be barred from its use due to current federal regulations or occupational limitations.

Made by patients for patients, ingestible and topical CBD products have never been so readily available, affordable, and customizable. In a world where healing is constantly suppressed by pharmaceutical companies, Veralife is distinguished amongst its competitors by its exemplary dedication to health as it was intended. Healing done naturally and unequivocally pure.

Enjoy Veralife!

Location of CB1 Receptors in the Brain and Physiological Effects

  • Hippocampus: Learning, memory, stress related to memories
  • Hypothalamus: Appetite
  • Cerebellum: Motor coordination
  • Limbic system: Anxiety
  • Cerebral cortex: Pain, higher cognitive function
  • Nucleus accumbens: Reward and addiction
  • Basal ganglia: Sleep and movement
  • Medulla: Nausea and vomiting